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Erotic Highlights EN 08 2015

7 B packages 6 8 9 429 6. Honeymoon Box 9-piece set: catsuit (S–L, 90% polyamide, 10% elastane), garter (S–L, 90% polyamide, 10% elastane), cock ring, vibrator (incl. battery), lubricant, massage candle, game, body paint and restraints. 0635740 0000 7. Love Box BESTSELLER. 16-piece set: briefs/string for HIM, net tights (both items S–L, 100% polyamide), lust finger set, cock ring, anal love toy, love ball duo, handcuffs, vibrator (incl. batteries), massage oil, lubricant, joke item, condom set, eye mask set (100% polyester), dice, candle and DVD. 0635120 0000 8. Grey Box 10-piece set: bondage scarf, lubricant, handcuffs, mini whip, nipple chain, vibrator (incl. batteries), butt plug, penis sleeve, condom set and a S/M candle. 0635758 0000 9. Night 13-piece set: DVD, paperback book, briefs/string for HIM and HER (both S–L, 100% polyamide), eye mask (100% polyester), scented candle, massage oil, condom set, cock ring, love balls, vibrator (incl. batteries), lubricant and intimate jewellery. 0633763 0000 Packed with love! Packages that are packed full with erotic pleasure items – THE perfect gift! There is a perfect package for every occasion and taste. Product variations subject to slight changes. Packages 06357400000 06351200000 06357580000 06337630000