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Erotic Highlights EN 08 2015

1 N 2 N 3 N 4 N 5 N 6 N NEW 342 1.–10. Masturbators. 1. Clear Affair NEW. Open at both ends. With inner knobs and grooves. With a removable vibro- bullet. Length approx. 14 cm, Ø flexible. Material: TPE, ABS. Battery: 1 x AAA* 0579742 0000 2. Blowjob-Master NEW. With suction cup, sleeve and hand pump. Pull the inner knobbed sleeve over the suction cup and turn it inside out. Now the suction cup can be used. Suction cup approx. 7 cm deep, Ø 4.8 cm. Sleeve length approx. 14 cm, Ø flexible. Material: TPR, ABS, PVC. 0509507 0000 3. Foreskin Sucker NEW. Place the foreskin sucker on the glans. The foreskin gets sucked into the cylinder, thanks to the vacuum that is created by the pump ball – pure stimulation! Length approx. 14 cm. Material: PVC, ABS, TPE. 0510688 0000 4. Pussy & Ass NEW. The textured lust tunnel is open at both ends – one end is in the shape of a vagina and the other end is in the shape of an anus. Length approx. 20 cm, inner Ø 4 cm. Removable for cleaning. Material: TPR, ABS. 0511781 0000 5. Maria Brazilian Pussy NEW. Vagina- shaped. Length approx. 20 cm, width 12 cm, Ø flexible. Material: TPR. 0511757 0000 05797420000 05095070000 05106880000 05117810000 05117570000