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Erotic Highlights EN 08 2015

softSM 7 N 8 N 5 N 6 N NEW 267 5. Ball Gag with Nipple Clamps & Mask NEW. 3 in 1: Black eye mask with a mouth gag on a flexible elastic band and nipple clamps on chains. Gag ball Ø approx. 4 cm. Length of each chain approx. 30 cm. Length of each clamp approx. 7 cm, adjustable pressure intensity. Material: TPE, metal (chrome- plated), PU, polyester. 0510424 0000 6. Vibrating Nipple Clamps NEW. Vibrating nipple clamps with small heart shaped pendants. Pressure intensity of the clamps is adjustable, removable protective covers. 1 vibration level. Complete length approx. 15 cm each. Material: TPC, PU, metal, PVC. Batteries included 0581364 0000 7.+8. Cock/Testicle Rings Smoke coloured. Material: TPE. 7. Without Vibration NEW. 6 rings in total that are all connected to a knobbed bridge. One ring is for the scrotum, the other 2 rings hanging below are for the individual testicles and the 3 other rings are for the penis. Bridge approx. 7 cm long, Ø rings 2.2–4.1 cm (flexible). 0509779 0000 8. With Vibration. NEW. With space for the included vibro-bullet (ABS) with 1 vibration level. With knobs for clitoris stimulation during sex. Complete length approx. 11 cm, Ø 2.2–3.9 cm. Batteries: 3 x LR44* 0581313 0000 *Please order the batteries separately, see page 420. 05104240000 05813640000 05097790000 05813130000